​​The Hole In The Wall Gang NY


All CAS Matches are held at the Calverton Range

Sign in 9AM.     Shoot’n starts 9:30AM.
Match Entrance Fee: $20.00

January 5- No MatchesJanuary 15
February No MatchesFebruary 19
March 16- Cowboy Action Match (CAS) March 19
March 30-Cowboy Rifle Match
April 13- Wild Bunch Match Canceled (Weather)April 16
April 20 Cowboy Action Match  Canceled (Weather)
May 4-Range Maintenance Postponed: Swap Meet/ BBQMay 21
May 18-Cowboy Action Match

June 15- Cowboy Action Match

June 22- Swap Meet/BBQ Open Range Day

June 18

June 29-Defensive Pistol (IDPA style)
July 13-22 Cal. Silhouette (Any Rifle)July 16
July 20- Cowboy Action Match
August 10- 22 Cal. Tactical MatchAugust 20
August 17-Cowboy Action MatchOfficers Nomination

​September 7- Cowboy Action Match

September 17
September 28 Defensive Pistol
October 19-Cowboy Action MatchOctober 15
October 26-Tactical Shotgun Match Officers Election

November 9- Pistol Caliber Carbine

November 19

November 23- AR day (Members only)

  December  21-Cowboy Rifle Match


​No Meeting