Billy 2 Feathers
Deacon Henry

Deputy Short Stack
Doc Bogan
Dusty Gregg
Dutch Cassidy
Easy Mark
El Fusilero
El Muerto Negro
Fiddler Jack
Gunne Sax
Hawkeye Harry
Hondo Harry
Illustrated Man
Just Plain Larry

Kohl Elder

Lady Lassiter

Lakota Lynn
Lew Morris

Mt. Misery Mike
Mustang Man
Patchogue Mike
Powder Keg Pooch

Raylan Givens
Red River Ed
Rowdy Rube
Ruger Bob
Sagtikos Kid
Sheriff A.B. Dupree 

Six Gun Arn Fire
Steel Rail 
The Notch
Warren Earp
Weasel Murphy
Windy Bob

Rowdy Rube

Club Officers

Town Clerk
​​El Fusilero​
(Club Contact)​

​​​Mt. Misery Mike

Town Council

 Deputy Mayor
​​Dutch Cassidy​

2018 NYS S.GunFighter Champion


Deputy Short Stack


2017 NYS Frontier Cartridge Duelist Champion

​​Patchogue Mike

2018 NYS Frontiersman Champion

Dusty Gregg

​​The Hole In The Wall Gang NY


Deacon Henry

​Teritorial Governor

El Muerto Negro

2018 End of Trail


2018 NYS

Duelist Champion