Windy Bob

Six Gun Arn Fire.

Six Gun Arn Fire.

Sagtikos Kid


Weasel Muphy

Hawkeye Harry

Warren Earp

Red River Ed

Just Plain Larry

Dusty Gregg

Illustrated Man

2016 NYS W Champion

Powder Keg Pooch

Johnny Appleseed

Gunne Sax

Ruger Bob


S&W 1911 Pro Series. 9mm 1911 with VZ grips, f/o front sight comes with 4 Wilson 10 round mags. $950. Box and papers incl. Additional mags available $20 each

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Doc Bogan

Hondo Harry

Six Gun Arn Fire.

Mt. Misery Mike

Mustang Man

​​The Hole In The Wall Gang NY

Easy Mark

Kohl Elder

Billy 2 Feathers

Lew Morris